Getting Here From There

I-90 at Snoqualime Pass in the Cascade Mountains

With 63 Mountain Ranges in the state of Washington and 50 in the state of Oregon traffic in and out of the Pacific Northwest must travel through one of the 25 Mountain Passes in Washington or one of the 318 Passes in Oregon.

Passes Although the Byway Passes are more scenic and less traveled, they are more treacherous and often closed during the winter months. The majority of the time traffic flows through one of the two passes to the east of Whidbey Island or the one to the far south.
Local news reports keep you updated about both the Snoqualmie Pass on Interstate 90 and Stevens Pass on Highway 2 east of the Seattle area. Winter storms frequently close both for short periods of time and you will often need tire chains in/on your vehicle before crossing them. Construction often closes them as well. The Washington Department of Transportation provides traffic cameras and advisories on their website.
Near the Oregon/California border along the Interste 5 corridor the Siskiyou Pass allows traffic flow to the south.

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