Cascade Mountains from Oak Harbor

The Mountains Around Us
With sixty-three mountain ranges in the state of Washington, the area around Whidbey Island has no shortage of spectacular mountain vistas.
The Olympic Mountains are located to our west on the Olympic Penninsula and although the Olympic Range is not especially tall, their height and the location of their western slopes have a dynamic effect on Admiral's Cove.

To our east the Cascade Range extend over 700 miles from northern California through Oregon and Washington and end in southern British Columbia. The Cascade Mountains are best known for their snow covereed active volcanoes, which rise periodically along the length of the mountain range but there are many inactive volcanic mountains in the range as well, mostly in the North Cascades of Washington. The United States Geological Survey provides information on all of the Volcanic Peaks in the United States. There are over 330 peaks in the Cascade Mountain Range.

Mount Rainier

Just as Mount Fuji stands prominently over Tokyo's skyline, Mount Rainier is an iconic backdrop to Seattle's scenic skyline and the highest peak in the Cascade Range. Located 50 miles from Seattle, it rises 14,410 feet from Mount Rainier National Park. A still active volcano, categorized as Between Eruptions" Mount Rainier can be seen from as far away as Portland and Vancouver when The Mountain Is Out.

Mount Baker

Natural scenic beauty abounds in the area; east - northeast from Whidbey Island you will find Mount Baker towering over the northwest corner of the state. Easily visible from Whidbey Island, Mount Baker is another of the Cascade Range's volcanic peaks. Located in the midst of the Mount Baker / Snoqualime National Forest and the North Cascade National Park, the 140 mile North Cascade Scenic Byway provides many great views of the mountain. (Highway 20 Photo Tour)

Mount Saint Helens ~ 1982

Mount Saint Helens is located in the Mt. St. Helens National Forest south east of Seattle 86 miles from Mount Rainier.

Timberline Lodge ~ Mount Hood ~ Oregon

Further south on Interstae 5 acroos the border in Oregon is Mount Hood where the Cascade Dining Room in the Timberline Lodge you can get an excellent Lunch Buffet everyday for about $20.

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