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Admiral's Cove
2020 Roadwork

Matthew Lander of Island County says: Maintenance paving of all or parts of: Byrd Drive, Chambers Court, Chadwick Court, Dewey Drive, King Drive, Kinkaid Drive, Leahy Drive, Lockwood Drive, Nimitz Drive, Ryan Way and Stark Place are scheduled to occur somtime between July 6th and before October of 2020.
Chip Seal is when a layer of small rocks is placed on a road with asphalt oil. Paving in Admiral's Cove will be a Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) 1 inch thick. The County will be out before, if they have not already been out, to prepare area. The Island County Public Works website will be updated and email updates (govdelivery) will be sent out as we know more information on paving schedules.

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