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SR 20 / 525 Repaving
Galbreath to Race Roads - Clinton to Coupeville
Jacobs to Arnold Roads - Near Penn Cove
Overview: WSDOT is going to repave more than 30-miles of State Route 20 and State Route 525 between Clinton and Coupeville. It has been more than 20 years since we've put down new asphalt. 
Why is WSDOT repaving 30 miles of SR 20 and SR 525 in Island County? These highways were last paved in the 1990ís and early 2000ís. WSDOT maintenance crews work to keep these highways in good condition each year but highways should be repaved every 15 years. These roads are overdue for a longer lasting fix.
Current potholes, cracks and ruts, that you can see in these photos, create an area where water can pool and freeze further deteriorating the pavement and presenting unsafe driving conditions. 
As part of this project a number of pedestrian crossings will also be improved to meet current standards and approve safety and walkability around Whidbey Island. 
Why is WSDOT paving such a large stretch of highway all at once? Condensing the work will allow contractor crews to finish in just one summer. Getting this project done at one time will have less of an effect on travelers than breaking it up into smaller projects. 
What are crews doing during this construction? Contractor crews are going to grind down and remove existing asphalt then replace it with a new asphalt surface. They will rebuild pedestrian crossing areas to make the transition from sidewalk to street smoother and safer. 
What should travelers expect? Crews will do most of the repaving work on this project in the overnight hours. However, a few areas will see daytime work. All work on pedestrian crossings will be done during the day.
Drivers should expect overnight delays. Cyclists should consider using alternate routes during this project or plan ahead for a rough surface in some areas. Pedestrian access will remain at intersections but could require short detours to the opposite side of the street. 
The End Result: This project will create a smoother ride and extend the life of the roadway creating safer conditions for travelers. It also will reduce the need for emergency closures and costly repairs. The work on sidewalks will improve walkability and safety for pedestrians on the island.
Project Benefits: This preservation project will improve safety by removing potholes, cracks and ruts.
This work will reduce the need for emergency road repairs and closures, which can be costly and cause driver delays due to lane closures. 
What is the project timeline? November 2016: Project awarded to Granite Construction. 
Spring 2017: Construction begins. 
Fall 2017: Project scheduled to be finished. 
Financial Information: The estimated total project cost for this project is $15.4 million dollars. 
How can I get more information? Contact:
Andrea E. Petrich 
Dave Crisman 
Project Engineer 
Website: SR 20 / 525 Repaving 
Additional Comments: Washdot map at the open house meeting showed construction split into two sections - from Bob Galbreath Road in Clinton to Race Road near Coupeville and between Jacobs Road and Arnold Road near Penn Cove. Day time work beginning in April will consist of sidewalk and curb work to bring intersections up to the latest federal standards. Weather permitting the night road work will begin in May or June. It will mostly be done at night and consists of grinding the old asphalt off and repaving with new "recycled" asphalt.
Signs will utilized to advise drivers to wait until the lead car passes before entering SR 20/525 if flaggers are not present.
After grinding, road surfaces may be rough and dusty - drive with caution. Be wary of cones, barriers, and signs being utilized to guide and instruct drivers. Cyclists are advised to avoid the construction areas.

Expect lane closures and detours nightly Sunday throughFriday morning.
Extra congestion likely westbound on Fridays and eastbound on Sundays as weekend visitors and ferry traffic navigate through these areas.
Detours and sidewalk closures during pedestrian improvement work.
Bus riders are advised to plan ahead for delays. It is suggested to take an earlier bus to make sure you reach your destination on time.

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SR 20 Spur
Sharpes Corner to Anacortes Ferry Terminal
Overview: Scheduled for spring 2017, WSDOT will repave two three-mile sections of State Route 20 Spur west of Sharpes Corner to improve and preserve the highway. Crews will pave Sharpes Corner to Commercial Avenue and from Commercial Avenue/12th Street to the San Juan ferry terminal. Commercial Avenue will be repaved at a later date. 
Why is WSDOT repaving SR 20 Spur west of Sharpes Corner? The area was last paved about 20 years ago, and the road is showing signs of wear and tear. There are cracks and potholes in places along the highway. The $6.7 million project will extend the life of the roadway and provide a smoother ride for the more than 30,000 vehicles that use the road every day. 
The End Result: This project will extend the life and improve the ride quality of the highway when itís completed.
Project Benefits: Preserves infrastructure and extends the life of the highway. 
Reduces the need for costly emergency maintenance repairs and unexpected closures. 
What is the project timeline? Current through Winter 2016: Design and obtain property rights. 
Winter 2016: Project goes to bid for construction. 
Spring 2017: Estimated construction start date. 
Fall 2017: Scheduled construction completion date. 
Financial Information: (Financial Data for PIN 102029D, 102029E, 102030F, 102030H)
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands) 
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0 
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0 
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $6,682 
CWA $0 
Total $6,682 
Project signage will reflect the cost of construction engineering, project bid award and sales tax. 
How can I get more information? Contact: 
Marqise Allen 
WSDOT communications 
15700 Dayton Ave. N. 
Shoreline, WA 98133 
Phone: 206-440-4699 
Shane Spahr 
Project engineer 
1043 Goldenrod Road, Suite 101 
Burlington, WA 98233-3415 
Phone: (360) 757-5856 

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SR 20 - Sharpes Corner
Miller / Gibralter Intersections
Traffic Circles
Overview: In 2018 WSDOT will begin construction on two roundabouts on SR 20 at Sharpes Corner and nearby at the Miller/Gibralter Road intersection on Fidalgo Island. 
Website: Sharpes Corner Roundabout 
ANACORTES Ė After receiving input during two public meetings, several public stakeholder meetings and from about 500 online surveys, the Washington State Department of Transportation will move forward to build a roundabout on State Route 20 at Sharpes Corner in Anacortes. Construction on the project is slated for 2018. 
A roundabout was chosen over adding a second left turn lane and improving the signal at the intersection because it provides significant safety benefits and will relieve congestion. The intersection at the east end of Anacortes has averaged 14 collisions a year for the last 10 years. The roundabout alternative is expected to reduce all collisions by 40 percent and injury collisions by 80 percent. In comparison, the improved signal alternative would only reduce collisions by 10 percent.
In addition to the Sharpes Corner roundabout, the $13.4 million project will add a roundabout to the Miller/Gibralter Road intersection. This project will also improve pedestrian and cycling movement along the highway. 
Overview: The Sharpes Corner intersection experiences significant congestion, especially during the busy summer tourist season. Lengthy backups can extend out into 50 mph traffic, which increases the risk of high-speed, rear-end collisions. 
Based on the previous analysis and design work, the plan called for a roundabout at the busy intersection to help improve safety and relieve congestion. Because it has been several years since engineers have worked on this project, we need a new analysis to determine if a roundabout is still the best solution or if another design option should be considered. The new funding reflects a slightly different project that includes the Miller-Gibralter Road intersection, based largely on feedback we received during the original project. 
Why is WSDOT improving the Sharpes Corner intersection? 
SR 20 is the only direct land access to the city of Oak Harbor, the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station and the rest of Whidbey Island. The SR 20 spur is the primary access to Anacortes and ferry service to the San Juan Islands and Vancouver, B.C. As a result, the intersection of these two roadways has significant regional importance. 
On average, more than 30,000 vehicles pass through the Sharpes Corner intersection every day, creating heavy traffic congestion. Backups can be severe and increase the chance of collisions. Traffic turning west toward Whidbey Island often backs up beyond the turn lane, leaving vehicles stopped on the highway, increasing the chance of rear-end collisions. 
The End Result: Improving this intersection and the surrounding area will improve traffic flow and will help reduce the frequency and severity of collisions. 
Project Benefits: 
Safety: Improvements to these intersections will increase traffic flow and decreases the risk of rear-end collisions, making the roadway safer for drivers. Bicycle and pedestrian improvements will increase safety and mobility in the area. 
Congestion relief: Drivers will see significant increases in roadway capacity and traffic flow. This means shorter drive times and less time sitting in traffic. 
Environment: We will make improvements to stormwater culverts and detention ponds where necessary to meet current WSDOT environmental standards. 
What is the project timeline? Fall 2017: Advertise project for competitive bidding. 
Summer 2018: Estimated construction start date. 
Fall 2019: Scheduled construction completion date
Financial Information: 
The Washington State Legislature allocated $13.4 million to construct this project as part of the 2015 Connecting Washington package. 
How can I get more information? 
Marqise Allen 
WSDOT communications 
15700 Dayton Ave. N. 
Shoreline, WA 98133 
Phone: 206-440-4699 
Gabe Ng 
Project Engineer 
460 Stuart Rd. 
Bellingham, WA 98226 
Phone: (360) 788-7400 
SR 20 - Sharpes Corner Vicinity - Project Materials
Listed below is some information about the project and early sketches of the roundabouts at Sharpes Corner and Miller/Gibralter Road WSDOT is designing to improve safety and reduce congestion in the area along SR 20. The project also includes a nearby path for pedestrians and cyclists. Please give us feedback on these early concepts by taking a brief online survey. 
Useful Links: 
Sharpes Corner Roundabout (pdf 500 kb) 
Miller/Gibralter Road Roundabout (pdf 430 kb) 
Fidalgo Bay Road improvements (pdf 1.3 mb) 

Source: WSDOT Projects Website 

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